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A Wedding Quilt

July 7, 1837Wedding Quilt 9 Patch Block

My cousin’s daughter Mary is getting married. As is tradition, my cousin asked me to sew up a nine-patch quilt block to be part of a quilt done up for Mary. My scrap basket had enough printed material scraps from an old dress the girls outgrew. I’m quite proud of my signature square in the center of the block. 

Mary and her family live in Lowell, Massachusetts, where her father works in a textile mill. They plan to have the wedding this summer. It’s unlikely that our family will be able to make the long journey down to Lowell. 

When Samuel and I married, some 17 years ago now, we both lived with our families on farms in neighboring towns. I was in Sanbornton and Samuel was living in Northfield which was only a half mile away. Farm families always planned weddings for March, April, November or December since these were the slowest months on the farm. They avoided the very busy months when planting and harvesting took place. Since Mary’s family are not farmers, they don’t need to worry so much when picking the date for their wedding.

Samuel and I chose to have our wedding on, Saturday, November 25, 1820, at my parent’s home in Sanbornton. This was the most Wedding Quilt Signature Blockpopular time to choose for a wedding because it was around the date the Governor of New Hampshire would choose to celebrate the great festival when we gave thanks for the harvest and a lot of family members would travel home for the event. Clergyman Crockett was there along with our two families and a couple close neighbors. That’s really all we could squeeze into the parlor. And at my wedding I displayed all the quilt blocks that family and friends had given me to make a quilt for my future home. The finished Friendship Quilt is still on our bed and every night I can look down at the names of all the women who contributed a block.

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Nancy Prescott’s Diary

Samuel’s Garden Journal


Nancy Prescott’s Diary is a fictionalized account of life in the Phoenix Mill House in 1837 based on primary source research into the lives of Nancy and Samuel Prescott. The Prescott family lived in the mill house when Samuel was an overseer at the Phoenix Mill in the 1830s.


Published July 7, 2020