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F is for Flood of 1936

F is for Flood of 1936- The winter of 1935-1936 was one of those winters- lots of snow and cold temperatures. As the calendar turned to March,

F is for Flood of 1936- flood waters turn West Street near the Faulkner mill into a running river

Flood waters cover West Street in Keene and surround the Faulkner Mill

the Monadnock Region and much of the Northeast was under a deep snow cover. Our lakes and rivers were thick with ice. From March 9 to March 11, a warm tropical air mass stalled over New England and dropped 5 inches of rain over 48 hours. On March 16, another front brought more torrential rain with 7-10 inches of rainfall recorded in some places! A third and final storm brought even more rain around March 20.

With very warm temperatures and heavy rain, the snow cover melted and rapidly filled streams and rivers. The river ice broke up in large chunks, some the size of automobiles. Those huge ice floes jammed up behind bridges. The water backed up and flood the surrounding areas. After nearly two weeks of rain and flooding, there was widespread damage to mills,

F is for Flood- March 26 headlines

Headline from the Peterborough Transcript, March 26, 2019

businesses, homes, and bridges and highways. Across the Northeast, 200 people lost their lives and 14,000 people were left homeless.

The Monadnock Region has experienced other floods since ’36 but the Flood of 1936 remains in many places the flood of record.

Learn more about the Flood of 1936 from the National Weather Service.

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F is for Flood of 1936 published on May 22, 2019.

F is for Flood of 1936 - Flood waters on School Street in Peterborough

Depot Square and School Street in Peterborough during the Flood of 1936