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Green Peas for Corrinda’s Birthday

August 6, 1837

Fresh green peas are plentiful in the garden so I prepared them up for dinner today. I cooked them with sugar and mint which is how my mother said the English cooked them. Peas are Corrinda’s favorite vegetable so she was happy to sit with her big sister Lydia shelling the peas for me. Corrinda definitely is becoming a better helper around the house. Lydia is happy that she can share some of the easier household chores with Corrinda now and is eager to show her how things are done.

I clearly remember this day four years ago. It was the day I gave birth to Corrinda. Augustus went to fetch the midwife in town. After she arrived she acknowledged what I already sensed. This delivery wasn’t going to be easy. The midwife encouraged me to take alcohol to help with the pain. At first I objected but then after hours of extreme pain and growing fear for our lives, I gave in and drank the alcohol. When it was finally over I thanked God for my life and my baby’s life.

So many mothers and babies are lost in birthing. We were very blessed to have both made it that day.

English Green Peas

Green Peas climb pea brush in the mill house garden.

1. Pick peas as short a time as possible before they are to be cooked and lay them in water as soon as they are shelled.

2. Boil them in the water with two lumps of loaf sugar and a sprig of mint.

3. Take the mint out of peas before they are served.

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