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M is for Mariarden

M is for Mariarden– A hundred years ago, Marie and Guy Currier bought an old farm in Peterborough and established the Mariarden Theatre. Marie, a former

M is for Mariarden- Graham dancing

Martha Graham dancing at Mariarden, 1926.

actress, created Mariarden as an outdoor stage and summer training camp for drama and dance. She engaged the power couple of modern dance, Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn, as the artistic directors. The summer school quickly developed its reputation. Among the many students at Mariarden in the ‘20s was a teenager named Bette Davis.

Mariarden also featured performances by leaders of modern theatre and dance. Paul Robeson played the Emperor Jones at Mariaden and Martha Graham performed a series of recitals in the summer of 1926.

The Mariarden campus included a large outdoor stage, a rehearsal barn, a dining house, and cabins. Today, all these rustic structures are gone and the once vibrant outdoor theatre has disappeared in the woods.


M is for Mariarden - map


M is for Mariarden

Student actors on the Mariarden stage in the 1920s. The girl with white headband is Bette Davis.

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M is for Mariarden published on May 29, 2019.