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S is for Sargent Camp

S is for Sargent Camp- In the 20th century, the Monadnock Region was home to dozens of summer camps that drew children from all over the U.S. Sargent Camp in Hancock was founded in 1912 by Dudley A. Sargent, an educator and proponent of physical education for young women.

Sargent purchased the 25 acre Haywood Farm (including Half Moon Pond) in 1911 and opened his summer camp to

S is for Sargent Camp

Early arrivals for camp in the 1910s

students from his Sargent School for Physical Education (the first training school for female physical education teachers). While Sargent promoted the idea that an active life is a productive life, not all agreed that physical education was beneficial for women. A visitor to the Sargent School asked, “Aren’t you afraid of making the young women masculine and having them lose their feminine charm?”  Dr. Sargent replied, “Well, it has been my experience in life that it is easier to tame down a wild one than to wake up a dead one.”

The camp was host to hundreds of teenage women over the next decade for summers filled with swimming, archery, horseback riding, canoeing, fencing, and field hockey. After Sargent’s death in 1924, his son took over and oversaw the transfer of the camp to Boston University in 1930.

Under Boston University’s leadership, Sargent Camp was expanded, boys were admitted, and programs were held year-round. Today, the camp presents a year-round schedule of programs, conferences and camp sessions under the auspices of Nature’s Classroom Adventure Camp. Dr. Sargent would be content to see his dream still in action a century later.

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S is for Sargent Camp

Archery at Sargent Camp circa 1915

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S is for Sargent Camp published on June 4, 2019.