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Steinway Model O grand for sale

Our friend Mark Dierauf is one of the finest piano technicians / tuners in New England. He has rebuilt, and is selling this remarkable 1919 Model O Steinway grand piano. If the purchaser references that you found out about this sale through the Monadnock Center for History and Culture, the finders fee (a standard arrangement in piano sales) will be provided to the Monadnock Center. You may contact Mark through his web site, or send your inquiry to our board president Gordon Peery, gpeery1@nullgmail.com, and your information will be forwarded to Mark, who will contact you.

Completely remanufactured vintage Steinway grand in stunning striped African Mahogany

IMG_1302 IMG_1317

IMG_1330 IMG_1327

This lovely 1919 piano has been completely restored to better than new – and this amazing mahogany finish is simply unobtainable on a new instrument. The action is super responsive, thanks to the custom touchweight rebalancing and careful attention to hammer weight, friction and action ratio. All materials used are of the very highest quality. Concert regulation and voicing performed by Steinway factory trained technician

New Soundboard
New bridges
New pinblock and tuning pins
New strings, including custom Canadian bass strings
Iron frame rebronzed

Original ivory naturals in excellent condition have been cleaned, sanded and polished
Original ebony sharps cleaned and polished
New front and balance key bushings
All new keyframe cloth and punchings
New keyend felt
New backchecks
New anodized aluminum capstans
New anodized aluminum front and balance rail keypins

Action frame cleaned and polished
New New York Steinway hammers, shanks and flanges
New Abel repetitions
Action rebalanced with custom weigh-off for optimum touchweight characteristics

Damper action
New custom damper underlevers and tray
New damper heads, wires and felts
New damper guiderails
Completely refurbished pedal lyre with new adjustable pedal rods and pitman system
All pedal trapwork cleaned and refelted/releathered

All case parts refinished in hand rubbed satin
All case buttons replaced
All case felt replaced
All metal hardware re-nickeled

Price $44,880 includes:
Dampp-chaser humidity control system
Bottom cover
String cover
Custom fitted top cover
Duet sized Jansen Artist adjustable bench
5 year warranty