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The Old Meets the New! Experience Peterborough in 1886

Greetings, my name is Brigham Boice. I am a Senior at ConVal High School, and the owner of Newpast, LLC. I am excited to announce the release of the virtual historical experience, Peterborough 1886 to the members of the Monadnock Center and the community at large.

What Is Peterborough 1886?

Peterborough’s Unitarian Church as it looks in the Peterborough in 1886 virtual experience.

Peterborough 1886 is a virtual recreation of our downtown area. By downloading this experience, you will explore Peterborough as it looked in 1886 and compare it with current day photos all available in a new virtual format. This experience was created after 3 years of research and development with support from the Monadnock Center for History and Culture.

Is There Any Cost To Use This Newpast Experience?

No! I spent a large portion of my time during quarantine adapting the project to be available in a virtual download due to my love for Peterborough history, the Monadnock Center for History and Culture, and my town in general. I am donating the experience free of charge to anyone interested.

What Will You See?

You will recognize some of the buildings as they are still present in the town today such as the Phoenix Mill house, which is the building

Granite Block- Peterborough 1886

The Granite Block in Peterborough 1886.

where the Monadnock Center’s Hearth Cooking events take place. This experience will allow you to explore the town and learn its history during a period where many people are still distanced at home.

Want To Try Peterborough 1886 For Yourself?

Go to https://newpastgames.com/downloads-1 to find out more.

Have you never played a game on a computer before? No worries, there is a tutorial made just for you in the project. If you ever have any questions about the download, please contact NewpastContact@nullgmail.com.

More About Newpast And Its Creator

Newpast LogoNewpast, LLC works to recreate historic towns and other historical events in a virtual experience in order to preserve, educate, and explore history through technology. We hope to help people around the world to preserve their culture and history for the betterment of the future.

You may recognize me from the Monadnock Center’s Hearth Cooking events as my character Augustus Prescott, a resident of Peterborough in the 1830s. This is my last year at ConVal High School as I will be attending Champlain College in Burlington, VT next school year. But I will always be a part of the Monadnock Community.

If you would like to reach out to myself or Newpast please contact NewpastGames@nullgmail.com.