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Uncovering the rarely told secrets of Wilton history

[By Michael Dell’Orto, from the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript]

Wilton, like most New Hampshire hill towns, has a past that encapsulates many different eras of change and growth. Old Home Days is a great time to remember how fortunate we are that a great deal of our history — in the land itself, as well as in wood and brick and stone — has survived. Much, though, is now lost to us and lives only in memory or a few old photographs. We see our town every day, but are we aware of the gems that lie hidden all throughout it? Some of our history that did survive into this century is not always apparent or visible to the casual viewer. The Historical Society and the Heritage Commission are preparing a brochure and map that will be a driving/walking tour of the many points of interest in town. Here, as a kind of a sneak preview, are just a few samples of the many secrets that Wilton holds. [continue reading on the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript web site]