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Y is for Yankee Siege

Y is for Yankee Siege- For several years in the early 2000s, an autumn trip to the Yankee Siege in Greenfield was a highlight of the season. The Yankee Siege was a replica medieval trebuchet. Trebuchets are siege warfare machines that use a swinging arm to hurl stones or other missiles. The Yankee Siege’s missile of choice was the pumpkin.

The Yankee Siege won a number of Punkin Chunkin world championships and set world distance records. In 2009, the Yankee Siege hurled a pumpkin 2,034 feet. The trebuchet has retired from competition and demonstrations are no longer offered at their site in Greenfield. You can still catch the machine in action at exhibition events like the Extreme Chunkin Festival held at NH Motor Speedway.

See the Yankee Siege in action.

Learn more about the Yankee Siege

Y is for Yankee Siege

The World Champion Yankee Siege.


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Y is for Yankee Siege published on June 10, 2019.