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Z is for Zephyr Lake

Z is for Zephyr Lake- Zephyr Lake in Greenfield was originally called Cragin Pond for Daniel Cragin who built Frye’s Measure Mill. In the 20th century two boys from the Varnum family found a dugout canoe filled with rocks on the bottom of the lake. They brought it to the surface but it disintegrated once it was out of the water.

The canoe could have been a Native American canoe or it could have been made during the settlement period when European settlers adopted the dugout for their use. Dugout canoes were made throughout North America by Native Americans. Local examples can be seen at the New Hampshire Historical Society, the Millyard Museum, and the historical societies in Andover, Derry, Hopkinton and Sandwich.

Learn more about New Hampshire dugout canoes in this article from the Andover Historical Society.

Two men in dugout canoe on Cole Pond in Andover, NH in 1869.


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Z is for Zephyr Lake published on June 11, 2019.